clean energy

With the increasing demand for energy and environmental protection in the world, the popularization and application of clean energy, including marine energy, solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, geothermal energy, water energy, has become an inevitable trend.

In this process, a lot of heat will be generated, which will cause the system temperature to be too high, and then reduce the conversion efficiency or cause the system crash. Choosing the most appropriate cooling solution can ensure the stable operation of the system, maintain the best efficiency, and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs (clean energy systems are generally far away from the city, and maintenance and replacement are difficult). Good cooling system is the key to maintain the stable operation of clean energy system.

Huaxia Hengtai has designed a new IP68 protection fan according to the special environment of clean energy system. It can pass the gr487 salt fog, sand and stone resistance test while taking into account the dust and water resistance. At the same time, it can simulate the application of PV Inverter with external fan outlet upward and internal fan double 85 (85 ℃ ambient temperature & 85% RH humidity), Carry out relevant reliability and life test to ensure the harsh environment of clean energy system.



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