Telecommunication Equipment Selection Strategy


When choosing right cooling fan for telecommunicaiton device,   In addition to focusing on whether the air flow of the fan can meets the heat dissipation requirements of the device, We also need to pay attention to the Noise level.

The cause of the noise of the cooling fan is generally attributed to two points: No1 is the fan blade cutting air when rotating, called discrete noise . No2 when the air flow generated by the heat dissipation fan colliding with fanring , it is called broadband noise.

If the noise requirement of equipment is high, you need to minimize the noise from the above two reasons, For the noise generated by the fan blade rotation, the solution can start from US , Require our engineer to strengthen the design ability, and continue to optimize the design of high performance, low noise . and evaluate the accurate system characteristics in the early stage.   Cooperate with the fa supplier, and select the heat dissipation fan in the high-efficiency working area of the system. To reduce boradband noise, the solution is to optimize the air duct of the communication equipment system and eliminate obstacles blocking the air intake of fans  as much as possible.

Human wisdom is endless, Noise reduction cabinet, sound absorbing materials are also applied to noise reduction, to reduce the noise to the maximum.

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